A major objective of the NNF is to help the poor and vulnerable masses at times of adversity and insecurity. To attain this objective, the NNF follows a two pronged strategy: first, to provide a helping hand to the downtrodden by a variety of means and second, to enhance the capabilities of the deprived masses and thereby making them capable of living ‘meaningful’ lives. Some of the specific objectives of the NNF are :

A.Initiative for Youth Development

  • To organise district-level sports competitions for children, youth and the elderly.
  • To organise periodically various other competitions like painting competition, dance competition, science fares etc. and to motivate the young generation to imbibe cultural values.
  • To arrange short-duration courses for promoting computer literacy and awareness among the rural youth.

B.Initiative for Women Empowerment and Skill Development

  • To help the women in attainment of economic empowerment through vocational training programmes in rural areas.
  • To address the mismatch between labour demand and supply through labour bank and to help the needy in search of suitable employment opportunities.

C.Initiative for Promoting Health and Rehabilitation of the Disabled

  • To provide timely health care to the rural population by arranging ambulances, mobile medical vans etc.
  • To arrange periodically various camps like blood donation camps, eye camps and other diagnostic camps.
  • To help the needy patients in procuring medicines, funds etc. at times of urgency.
  • To provide equipment, medicine etc. the needy disabled.

D.Initiative for Childhood Protection and Promotion

  • To generate awareness among the masses against female foeticide.
  • To provide financial security to the girl child (at time of birth) belonging to poor families by way of keeping a certain amount of money in bank, to be payable at 18 years of age.
  • To organise the marriages of girls belonging to poor families.
  • To assist the needy parents in providing education to the girl child.
  • To curb child labour by persuading parents for bringing their children to schools.
  • To make arrangements for the distribution of free books, dresses and other needed materials for the needy students.

E.Initiative for Elderly Care and Protection

  • To discourage the elderly helpless widows from begging and to provide them with adequate financial security.
  • To run old age houses for the elderly with adequate provisions for medicine, entertainment, meals and day care.

F.Initiative Against Environmental Degradation

  • To mobilise the youth for promoting hygiene in the localities by organising camps etc. for cleaning.
  • To generate awareness among the masses against global warming and the protective role of trees and thereby to facilitate the growing of saplings etc. in localities, parks, schools, roads etc.